The Truth about the Fast and Furious Scandal

As I was growing up, watching the foibles of our politicians,

Dave Voth, Fast and Furious supervisor for the ATF

Dave Voth, Fast and Furious supervisor for the ATF

I dreamed of a time when the wisest among us might take positions throughout our government, enabling our country and communities to perpetually live in "the best of times". But those who wish to bring us to these better times are repeatedly stymied by selfish small thinkers with big guns, and well-monied interests that do their best to keep most of the populous engaged in trivial arguments. One wonders whether the republic can survive.

And so it was with the Fast and Furious operation, as detailed in this exhaustive piece in Fortune Magazine entitled "The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal". Those who ran the operation attempted to do everything "by the book", so that their convictions might stick, but were tripped up by many things, including gun laws in Arizona that allow any individual to buy as many automatic weapons as they desire and resell them to whoever they want to, Arizona judges that didn't seem to think this was a worthwhile operation, and an ATF employee who took it upon himself to start gunrunning without his superior's consent (and then acting as a whistleblower for the thing he was guilty of).

To make things worse, the corrupt congressman Darrell Issa has been pursuing something that does not exist just to make political points, and causing a frenzy amongst gun-owners who really have nothing to fear.

It's all disgusting.

Where the heck are all those wise legislators I had dreamed about?

3 Replies to “The Truth about the Fast and Furious Scandal”

  1. The USA arms sales amounting in $billions // they are beensugid in the slaughter of humanity worldwide / the republicancontrolled media never utter an word of such ongoing horror. As with tobacco companies /they continue filling the coffersof an republican party with funding from tobacco profits // inreturn republicans turn an blind eye to the millions of deathsbrought by tobacco with its added highly addictive chemicalssuch deaths from tobacco also includes millions of americansagain no words from america’s (republican controlled media,Republican media for decades control the majority of stateswhere peopie having only known a media that controlled byrepublicans. An situation millions of americans /victims frombirth of an ongoing republican political media brainwashing.It little wonder the republicans /// use the media in poorlyjudgeing BARACK. With CLINTON they paid millions to allwhom gave information / that could be used against BILLin bringing his downfall / as the removing a democrat govt.Long since the republican party hijacked by extreme rightwing religious fanatics whom’s master be the ISRAEL govtthey have one agenda / to bring a annihilation of muslims.

  2. This is just a guess from connecting the acehivrd News Dots; there was a News Story which broke some months earlier, and then just vanished from the airwaves, which stated that Obama was looking to the UN to pass a resolution that would make it unlawful for private U.S. citizens or gun shows to sell or trade guns. I would not put it past him to deliberately try to create an International incident to further this agenda; if this was the case, then it was there intention for the guns to get into Mexico, but not for anyone to know who, when, or why it happened. Since they would know that the Mexican Government would easily identify where the guns came from, and that would create the perfect International incident for the UN to act upon. Shalom!

  3. Chris, while I find value in what you write, I don’t think the annihilation of Muslims is on the agenda, nor are the puppet strings being pulled by Israel. I think this is simply a constant power grab from those who have most of the wealth in the world, and they are doing whatever they can to keep their wealth.
    And Omer – Even if the UN passed a resolution pertaining to guns, do you really think the US would abide by that rule? No the US would not, so it would be a waste of Obama’s time to pursue something like this. So whatever article you saw, was probably just some propaganda BS. Guns are big business for the US (the US is the largest arms dealer in the world), so anything the people at the top can do to keep guns in the news is good for business (it’s all PR and advertising). And they don’t give a shit if all the “commoners” shoot each other up, because that generates more sales, plus puts more people in private prisons where they can make more money.

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