Is Liberalism the Answer?


I just read an op-ed by Thomas Friedman entitled "Capitalism, Version 2012" that I found somewhat interesting, but what really hit me was a comment to the op-ed, that made a great case for Liberalism being the solution to the problems the United States currently faces. Here is the complete text of this comment. What do you think?


Winning Progressive
Chicago, IL

"Yes, the best way to structure our society is an effective balance between the market and government. But that requires supporting the political movement that supports such a balance – liberalism – rather than pretending that we also need to strike a balance between conservatives and liberals in the US.

The view that government is the solution to all of our problems is socialism and is flawed as it ignores the value of the free market in generating wealth and innovation. The view that the market solves all problems is today's conservatism and is equally flawed, as it ignores the impacts of unfettered markets and the role that government investment and rules play in making the market work.

The middle ground is liberalism. Liberals understand that the free market is the best generator of wealth history has known. But we also realize there are areas where the market doesn't work, that rules must be established and enforced for markets to thrive, that some of the wealth generated by the market must be used to build physical and educational infrastructure and to benefit society as a whole, and that workers and public health must be protected from the excesses of unfettered market. All of those things are the government actions that liberals have successfully fought for over the past 100 years, and have allowed both our economy and society to thrive. "

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