Democrats! Vote Independent Dick Eiden for Congress on June 5th

As a life-long Democrat, I’m voting for an independent candidate in the Dick-eiden June 5th Primary; 49th Congressional District candidate, Dick Eiden.

I encourage you to vote for independent Dick Eiden too.  Here’s why:

1.  A Democrat cannot win the General election in our district, but an independent really has a chance!

Think about it: the 49th Congressional District, which stretches north and south, from San Juan Capistrano to Torrey Pines, splits around 60% Conservative and 40% Liberal. The incumbent, Darrell Issa, is well-known, and popular amongst his base. The default vote will likely be 60% for Mr. Issa.

Believe it or not, the Democratic Party has already written-off this race as unwinnable. There will be no money from the Dem Party if the Democrat wins the Primary. And, there is an important point of weakness for Darrell Issa – There is a strong anti-incumbent fervor this election cycle and the independent vote is the hot ticket right now! Formerly Untouchable candidates are losing in primaries because voters of all political persuasions have shown they want change.

In this year’s Primary, Democrats need not fear they will be splitting the vote by choosing independent candidates.  Many voters in this district want change and therefore will NOT vote for a Democrat – No way! No how! But they can and will vote for a highly qualified independent for Congress.

2.  A Democrat vs. Issa campaign from now until the General election will be old news!

Those who typically vote the Dem ticket don’t want to witness yet another Democratic “talking points” vs. Republican “lip-flapping,” boring political theatre. We Dems have woken up! It’s time to seize the moment and vote independent.

Contrast the status quo with an underdog, locally known, wild-card independent candidate running against the “invincible” Mr. Issa. Independent candidate, Dick Eiden will not be constrained by any party rules of engagement. He’s free to voice his opinion – and call Darrell Issa to task for all of his foibles. The Dick Eiden for Congress campaign is something for the history books!

3.  Dick Eiden is the best candidate and will better represent the people of the 49th District

There is no comparison between Dick Eiden and the Democratic candidate regarding which is better qualified to head to Washington DC.  As an attorney, Mr. Eiden has taken on tough legal cases, which pit him against strong adversaries. With this experience, he is ready to take on the entrenched power structure in DC. He’s experienced internationally and domestically, and he is willing and able to lead when the going gets tough. As an outsider, he has the ability to take on the corruption of power in Washington DC.

Learn more about Dick Eiden by visiting his website:


2 Replies to “Democrats! Vote Independent Dick Eiden for Congress on June 5th”

  1. All good comments! I would add that for most ehseblitsad businesses, big or little, regulations are all about keeping out upstarts freshly founded businesses which could become major competitors. We see this everywhere, even at local levels of government, and the phenomenon isn’t new!What to do? IMO it’s really a matter of “business culture”, if you will: the idea of running to one’s favorite local political hack, every time a real or perceived threat arises, for some new ordinance which would/might help diminish it. Until that attitude (and practice) change, I see little hope for improvement. Laws against it? Against any kind of lobbying? Not likely to work, for being practically unenforceable. Full disclosure of all lobbying activities? We have that today. Does it work?Unless all parties get over the idea that they need “special protection” for their favorite business activity, and until government at all levels begins to get the message that non-interference in markets and free market actions is the only way to go to empower prosperity and liberty practically a cultural revolution at this point in time these things are likely not to change!

  2. Dependency. These people beivele government will take care of their every need.They want health-care, and maybe they’ll just get it. A government plan that will insure health-care for all. Just because you are on the government plan, doesn’t mean you’ll get the help you want. Servitude does not guarantee care. Just like Social Security, anyone my age, doesn’t expect it will be there when we need it. Although, we paid into it, we will never see it. The system is broke, just like Medicare. Which is the foundation for Obama-care.This is the message ACORN delivers: Obama will pay for my home, my car, my health. A News Media that follows along, wagging the tail. An electorate lacking the knowledge to make cognizant decisions about the rabbit-hole they about to fall into.The desire for independence, self-governance, a way to guide themselves to freedom is all but lost with ACORN. Just as Obama wanted, he has been fundamentally transforming America into a Socialist nation of dependency. We might as well be living in the Matrix.

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