99% Spring

It's Springtime in America. Time to take the country back from Corporate Control.

Will you get involved?

Bill Moyers talks with community organizer George Goehl about how — and even if — average people can fight back against self-rewarding actions of banks and corporations. “If we want to shift our politics,” Goehl tells Moyers, “we have to make politicians who side with the big banks and the larger corporations pay a price for not siding with everyday people.”

Goehl is a co-organizer of The 99% Spring, a national effort to train 100,000 Americans to teach the country about income inequality in homes, places of worship, campuses and the streets. Goehl is also executive director of National People’s Action, a network of grassroots organizations using direct action to battle economic and racial injustice.

I personally am getting involved by supporting an independent candidate for congress named DICK EIDEN, who absolutely can win in this year of change, against the richest man in congress Darrell Issa, who is exactly the type of politician George Goehl talks about in this video, who should suffer the consequences of their actions in bringing ruin to our country by supporting the mega-corporations.

It is time for all of us who care about our country to take action.

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