Cult forms in Carlsbad; Some City Council Members Rumored to have Joined

A surprising development has occurred in the sleepy North San Diego County City of Carlsbad.


People are talking about a mysterious cult that has been attracting a number of residents; prompting concern that some type of intervention is required before the cult grows too large, or possibly even impacts the functioning of the city government.

The prophet of this cult appears to be a Los Angeles billionaire with vague assurances of delivering a new “Promised Land.” He’s tapped into many residents’ need to “believe in something.” His influence causes new disciples to conduct ritualistic defense of their leader’s plans, and make sacrifices for the good of the movement. Concern is growing as some fear the prophet’s powerful exploitation; some followers are reportedly exhibiting zombie-like episodes.

Several leaders working with the prophet visit the townspeople, cajoling them with promises of a “heaven on earth” right in Carlsbad. Devotees host recruitment sessions in their homes; flyers and invitations, paid for by the prophet, are blanketing the City.  Meetings for those who already “believe” are conducted where new members of the cult are often brought to tears as the group hums in unison in a melody only they seem to understand.

Potential new recruits are offered prophet-sponsored pilgrimages through hours-long traffic to visit “Gifts,” shrines complete with statues of the prophet’s family that he has bestowed upon the earth. One devotee, named a “super volunteer,” reported becoming mesmerized by shiny objects including rings polished to high-gloss by the workers at the prophet’s devotion centers. 

Members of the cult are seen on online message boards, posting in comment sections below news articles, and other venues where they defend the cult and its prophet whenever any critical comments are found. Members volunteer their time by attending local community meetings to interject and “speak the truth,” if negative words are spoken about the prophet.

So what is this “Promised land,” this “Heaven on Earth” that the prophet promises? Fanciful artist renderings picture an oasis of nature. A young blond girl poses as temptress in one commercial promoting the proposal, compelling viewers to join her Eden paradise.

But really, what is this? A mall! With a Nordstrom’s! To be built on land that the community voted years ago to preserve as a strawberry field and natural open space. But preserving wild open space is not what this cult desires. Another mall is needed, they assert, to satisfy the hunger of the “needy” – those looking for fulfillment at the temple of retail commerce. They will fight through the resultant traffic and celebrate their deliverance to a holy place, promised by the Los Angeles billionaire prophet.

Local concerned citizens have called for an intervention, to free their neighbors from this cult. Will the entire community join together to resist this invasion? Can the infection be stopped, or is it too late?!  Much is at stake, and the burden to decide the fate of our community rests on our City Council resisting the prophet’s temptations.


The Truth about the Fast and Furious Scandal

As I was growing up, watching the foibles of our politicians,

Dave Voth, Fast and Furious supervisor for the ATF

Dave Voth, Fast and Furious supervisor for the ATF

I dreamed of a time when the wisest among us might take positions throughout our government, enabling our country and communities to perpetually live in "the best of times". But those who wish to bring us to these better times are repeatedly stymied by selfish small thinkers with big guns, and well-monied interests that do their best to keep most of the populous engaged in trivial arguments. One wonders whether the republic can survive.

And so it was with the Fast and Furious operation, as detailed in this exhaustive piece in Fortune Magazine entitled "The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal". Those who ran the operation attempted to do everything "by the book", so that their convictions might stick, but were tripped up by many things, including gun laws in Arizona that allow any individual to buy as many automatic weapons as they desire and resell them to whoever they want to, Arizona judges that didn't seem to think this was a worthwhile operation, and an ATF employee who took it upon himself to start gunrunning without his superior's consent (and then acting as a whistleblower for the thing he was guilty of).

To make things worse, the corrupt congressman Darrell Issa has been pursuing something that does not exist just to make political points, and causing a frenzy amongst gun-owners who really have nothing to fear.

It's all disgusting.

Where the heck are all those wise legislators I had dreamed about?

Democrats! Vote Independent Dick Eiden for Congress on June 5th

As a life-long Democrat, I’m voting for an independent candidate in the Dick-eiden June 5th Primary; 49th Congressional District candidate, Dick Eiden.

I encourage you to vote for independent Dick Eiden too.  Here’s why:

1.  A Democrat cannot win the General election in our district, but an independent really has a chance!

Think about it: the 49th Congressional District, which stretches north and south, from San Juan Capistrano to Torrey Pines, splits around 60% Conservative and 40% Liberal. The incumbent, Darrell Issa, is well-known, and popular amongst his base. The default vote will likely be 60% for Mr. Issa.

Believe it or not, the Democratic Party has already written-off this race as unwinnable. There will be no money from the Dem Party if the Democrat wins the Primary. And, there is an important point of weakness for Darrell Issa – There is a strong anti-incumbent fervor this election cycle and the independent vote is the hot ticket right now! Formerly Untouchable candidates are losing in primaries because voters of all political persuasions have shown they want change.

In this year’s Primary, Democrats need not fear they will be splitting the vote by choosing independent candidates.  Many voters in this district want change and therefore will NOT vote for a Democrat – No way! No how! But they can and will vote for a highly qualified independent for Congress.

2.  A Democrat vs. Issa campaign from now until the General election will be old news!

Those who typically vote the Dem ticket don’t want to witness yet another Democratic “talking points” vs. Republican “lip-flapping,” boring political theatre. We Dems have woken up! It’s time to seize the moment and vote independent.

Contrast the status quo with an underdog, locally known, wild-card independent candidate running against the “invincible” Mr. Issa. Independent candidate, Dick Eiden will not be constrained by any party rules of engagement. He’s free to voice his opinion – and call Darrell Issa to task for all of his foibles. The Dick Eiden for Congress campaign is something for the history books!

3.  Dick Eiden is the best candidate and will better represent the people of the 49th District

There is no comparison between Dick Eiden and the Democratic candidate regarding which is better qualified to head to Washington DC.  As an attorney, Mr. Eiden has taken on tough legal cases, which pit him against strong adversaries. With this experience, he is ready to take on the entrenched power structure in DC. He’s experienced internationally and domestically, and he is willing and able to lead when the going gets tough. As an outsider, he has the ability to take on the corruption of power in Washington DC.

Learn more about Dick Eiden by visiting his website:


I performed at the Encinitas Street Fair on 4/28/2012

I had some great fun playing with other students from the Blog-pic Encinitas School of Music on April 28th at the Encinitas Street Fair. I played keyboards on three songs: Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage," the slow version of Tears for Fears' "Mad World," and an acoustic version of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven."

Here's "Just Like Heaven":


Here's "Mad World":


99% Spring

It's Springtime in America. Time to take the country back from Corporate Control.

Will you get involved?

Bill Moyers talks with community organizer George Goehl about how — and even if — average people can fight back against self-rewarding actions of banks and corporations. “If we want to shift our politics,” Goehl tells Moyers, “we have to make politicians who side with the big banks and the larger corporations pay a price for not siding with everyday people.”

Goehl is a co-organizer of The 99% Spring, a national effort to train 100,000 Americans to teach the country about income inequality in homes, places of worship, campuses and the streets. Goehl is also executive director of National People’s Action, a network of grassroots organizations using direct action to battle economic and racial injustice.

I personally am getting involved by supporting an independent candidate for congress named DICK EIDEN, who absolutely can win in this year of change, against the richest man in congress Darrell Issa, who is exactly the type of politician George Goehl talks about in this video, who should suffer the consequences of their actions in bringing ruin to our country by supporting the mega-corporations.

It is time for all of us who care about our country to take action.

Comfortably Numb – Cover by Dave Peiser & Friends

I completed recording of Comfortably Numb in January 2012. It Thumbnail for blog was recorded at the Encinitas School of Music in their recording studio, which is available to students and others to use. School Director Steve Rollins was the engineer and did the mixing.



Performed by:
Dave Peiser – Lead Vocals, Keyboard
Louis Peiser – Lead / Rhythm Guitar
Sarah Schwab, Trisha Kay – Backing Vocals
Tim Greene – Bass
Zen Perry – Drums
Steve Rollins – Mixing and Production
Video Editing by Dave Peiser

All video sourced from:
Used under a creative commons license
CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)

Is Liberalism the Answer?


I just read an op-ed by Thomas Friedman entitled "Capitalism, Version 2012" that I found somewhat interesting, but what really hit me was a comment to the op-ed, that made a great case for Liberalism being the solution to the problems the United States currently faces. Here is the complete text of this comment. What do you think?


Winning Progressive
Chicago, IL

"Yes, the best way to structure our society is an effective balance between the market and government. But that requires supporting the political movement that supports such a balance – liberalism – rather than pretending that we also need to strike a balance between conservatives and liberals in the US.

The view that government is the solution to all of our problems is socialism and is flawed as it ignores the value of the free market in generating wealth and innovation. The view that the market solves all problems is today's conservatism and is equally flawed, as it ignores the impacts of unfettered markets and the role that government investment and rules play in making the market work.

The middle ground is liberalism. Liberals understand that the free market is the best generator of wealth history has known. But we also realize there are areas where the market doesn't work, that rules must be established and enforced for markets to thrive, that some of the wealth generated by the market must be used to build physical and educational infrastructure and to benefit society as a whole, and that workers and public health must be protected from the excesses of unfettered market. All of those things are the government actions that liberals have successfully fought for over the past 100 years, and have allowed both our economy and society to thrive. "

Darrell Issa called that college student a what?

What’s with my women friends getting so riled up lately?

I pride myself on keeping up with the political news, especially that Darrell
 Issa, since he may be my new Congressional rep.  But knee deep in my son’s college applications, I’ve been a little distracted lately, I’ll admit.  

I wasn’t surprised that Issa didn’t allow any women to testify on the panel when they discussed religion and contraception. After all, the women usually take care of that contraception thing, right?  Why should he have to bother listening to what women have to say on the matter?  And then he called that college student a slut. Wow! And this guy’s gonna be my new representative? He surely has big you know whats!

I am so excited that a manly man is going to be representing me. Like how Darrell Issa - Manly Man he wouldn’t let anyone testify who had a different opinion from his. I remember while sitting on the throne, reading Kaili Joy Gray’s recent article: "Issa won't be hearing from any of the nearly two dozen religious groups who have no problem with the Obama administration's new health care policy to require insurance coverage of birth control." The list of the uninvited included "representatives from the Catholic Health Association, which is run by a woman and actually runs the Catholic hospitals, nor Catholic Charities, both of which said Friday they supported the President’s plan." Of course a real man wouldn’t need to let these women testify.

All this macho stuff was getting me really excited when I worked with the free weights at the gym. After a couple circuits, and my 10th bench press rep, I thought about how that Issa has real power. Why should he have to apologize when his half-brother Limbaugh joined him in the name-calling? Calling that college student a prostitute and telling her that if taxpayers are going to pay for her birth control we, manly men, wanted something in return!  Like porn films, showing what she really spends time doing in law school. 

Darrel and Rush, those two guys have so much freakin’ power they don’t answer to no one. They got power and it’s legit. Screw anyone who complains! Whining people!  And Issa’s reelection is a sure thing, it’s gotta be. He’s got the majority of North San Diego County blinded by his power, and then he goes to Washington and does whatever the hell he wants. Gets the feds to pay for upgrades to roads that run by buildings he owns; wonder if there’s any kickbacks from those mega corporations he fronts. That man’s gotta love his job.

So I got to thinking, I might actually have a bromance crush on Darrell. Cool, clean, intelligible, who wouldn’t envy this guy?  But calling women sluts and prostitutes? Is this why my women friends are threatening to protest Issa in Shadowridge next week? Issa’s found a way to really take our country back! All the way back to pre-women’s lib!  

So actually I don’t know why I’m filling out these college financial aid forms.  But, I feel like I need to get back to it, just in case Issa doesn’t win. After all, if he wins again, I hear he and his cronies are gonna kill all the financial aid so that only their families and friends can go to college. Tough guy!

Oh, damn, I just got a call from a friend telling me that Issa isn’t the one who used the “S” and the “P”  word against that college student. It was the manlier man, the mouth-piece of the GOP,  Rush. Oh well, so I didn’t get the facts exactly right. Isn’t this why they call it “Political Theater?”  Rush is just  entertainment, right? Stop whining and get back to work!

Update: 3/10/2012

Wow. Saw this Rush and Darrell appreciation sign at a recent rally:

Darrell Issa and Rush Limbaugh Dicktate